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Our selection is based on Wines, Grappa, Aquavitae and Liquors assortment from small scale winemakers and distillers from selected north Italian regions. The Wines have a clear interpretation of the site and the distillates are handcrafted.

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About Us

“Finding good wine with a clear interpretation of a territory” – is our mission. Our passion made us search for Wineries and Destilleries that gives a twist to the main suppliers to the HORECA market. We are proud to offer a range of beverages, with a taste experience – pure or in mixology.

Find out how and where we get our inspiration.


“Benvenuto nel nostro mondo – Welcome to our world”



Northwest part of Italy with its native grapes Nebbiolo, Barbera, Dolcetto, Arneis and Cortese and other varieties not so common in other regions. Great reds internationally recognized have their origin in this region. The selection from our winemakers gives a wide spectrum of interpretations of the grapes in its territory.



Northeast part of Italy with its native grapes Ribolla Gialla, Ribolla Nera, Friulano and Verduzzo. Grapes still undiscovered even by wine enthusiast but being more highlighted the years to come. A region where the whites have had the most recondition and the reds being to discover. We focus at present on one winemaker that shows the variety of the region and others to come.


This high-class distillate with extraordinary sensory qualities we do offer from one of the best distilleries in Italy. Having also excellent aquavitae and liquors on grappa base makes this distillery the perfect choice for a top brand liquor in the restaurant or bar. Feel it, sense it , mix it – all with excellent result for the guest. Grappa is maybe the best basis for making drinks as there is no need for covering undesired flavours. Fresh marc is a word of honour at our distillery and a necessity to create grappa to be enjoyed with great pleasure.